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Inventory module ensures that the right quantities of stock are available at the right time and at the right place avoiding stock-outs and over-stocks. Simple intuitive interface lets any office executive to understand and record information of Material Receipts and Issues.
Inventory Management is the core of the EnterpriseBiz™ suite it provides superior inventory control to improve profits and reduce stock-outs and over-stocks. IM enables you to track quantities, costs and movements.
The ability to deliver the right products at the right place at the right time is the core of any business. Inventory is one of the largest investments a company makes. Ensuring that you have enough of right products in stock while avoiding stock-outs and over-stocks is a daily challenge you are responsible for reducing investment in inventory and increasing inventory turns. Accomplish this with EnterpriseBiz™ Inventory Management (IM) module.
EnterpriseBiz™ IM provides you with the tools to effectively manage and analyze your inventory, sales and cost analysis. ABC analysis and Stock Ageing, Physical Inventory Count are just some of the features that will enable you to maximize inventory turns while eliminating shortages and excess inventory investments.
EnterpriseBiz™ is a suite developed and intended to run in Microsoft Windows environments offering an intuitive graphical experience. You can visually define and manage the Items and its Groups in a tree like structure just as apparent in Windows Explorer.
Which means you can define logical groups and sub-groups of items and create the items underneath the same.
The re-group facility allows you to change the item structure without affecting transactions.
The system provides you necessary place to identify and store 3 different units of measurements per item to maintain receipts, issues and stock keeping in different units if required by your business.
By recording the conversion factor between the units, the system facilitates accurate conversion of different types of transactions into a common reporting unit.
EnterpriseBiz™ IM handles all standard tasks related to Material Movements and facilitates registers and document summary printing for all such transactions including:

a) Material Receipt Note (or GRN)

b) Material Issue Note

c) Material Rejections

d) Stock Transfer – In

e) Stock Transfer – Out

EnterpriseBiz™ provides various ways to value your stock:

a) Last In First Out (LIFO)

b) First In First Out (FIFO)

c) Weighted Average (WAVG)

d) At Purchase Rates

e) At Sales Rates

f) At Market Rates

And you do not have to re-initialize the system to view stock in a different valuation method. All the above reports are available on-demand.
One of the exciting features of Inventory Management is the option to maintain the inventory by its characteristics of item. EnterpriseBiz™ IM enables you to define the characteristic of items you deal in and then tracks the same while
You can create and maintain multiple bins within a stock location. EnterpriseBiz™ allows multiple items to reside in the same bin and also allows the same item to reside in multiple bins. You can specify a default bin location for a given item thereby facilitating automatic selection of default bin locations for each receipts and issues.
The ability to conduct a full physical count is very important to ensure that system inventory balances accurately reflect the actual quantity. EnterpriseBiz™ IM enables the user to flexibly select the stock location for performing pre-verification and verification tasks.
The pre-verification sheet and variance report reduce the time it takes to perform these routine tasks.
For more information on how to put the power of EnterpriseBiz™ modules to work in your operations, call Edifice today.



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